Inspirational quotes : My Top 3

Inspirational quotes : My Number One

Hi everyone, The past month has been challenging for me. After being in bed due to the flu I was down again with a stomach bug. Oh, it felt awful :(. Being laid low it was some Inspirational quotes that kept my brain working. I got hold of an amazing e-book on inspirational quotes, which I found while surfing the web on my Kindle Fire.

These are my tops three: (1) “Do necessary things; then possible things and impossible becomes possible” – This quote is definitely number one according to me. This famous quote was given by Francis Assisi. It inspires one to act when you are afraid to do so and leads to a path of success.

(2) “Perfection is not real, but if we try to be perfect we end up being excellent” – This quote inspires to push our limits and leads us to do our best. Vince Lombardi an American football player and coach came up with those inspirational words.

(3) “Planning is not what makes life better, it is accepting the reality” – This quote by Joseph Campbell really is philosophy represented. Our whole life we have been told to plan our day, week and year. By accepting what lies before us is what I think is the way forward, certainly for me. I now have to pace myself and find my energy and balance after this bout of flu instead of rushing around like an idiot trying to catch up on everything.


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