Romance vs love – which would you prefer?

There comes a time in our life when we have to ask ourselves what we want out of a relationship; is it romance or, is it love? In a perfect world, we could have both in equal measure, but for a lot of people, the romance levels begin to die down the longer they are together. Romance vs love, so what is the real difference anyway? Romance is defined as the feeling of mystery in love, so it goes that the two are mutually related. However, as we become more familiar with each other, the mystery lessens and that is possibly when the romance disappears. If we don’t want our relationship to come down to the age old argument of romance vs love we need to keep the mystery alive. Surprise your loved one with a special dinner, a night out on the town, or a romantic date in your own house. If you are running low on funds, this can be fixed with a loan from With a small investment, you could plan a romantic getaway and keep the romance alive, in even the longest lasting relationship. It is not a question of romance, or love anymore, in this day and age, we deserve it all!


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