The secret of love chemistry

The Love chemistry

All of us, at one point or another, have felt this emotion in our heart called love. Most people have got stories to tell of how other people have made their hearts flutter. Love chemistry is tricky though and you wonder what your feelings really are. Lust, interest, love at first sight or just general chemistry You just know that you feel a connection to someone else. Then again you can meet someone, fall in love, and discover as you get to know them that there is no chemistry between you. Your short-lived relationship has become boring and dull. So Is It Chemistry Or Is It Love? For a relationship to survive it requires love chemistry – a mix of both. When there is a high degree of chemistry between two people without love, then their heart-pounding sex will quickly fade and boredom will replace the infatuation. Chemistry and love are both key features of a deep relationship. Take away one and the other is just not enough to sustain a relationship year after year.


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