The secret of love chemistry

All of us, at one point or another, have felt this emotion in our heart called love. Most people have got stories to tell of how other people have made their hearts flutter. Love chemistry is tricky though and you wonder what your feelings really are. Lust, interest, love at first sight or just general chemistry You just know that you feel a connection to someone else. Then again you can meet someone, fall in love, and discover as you get to know them that there is no chemistry between you. Your short-lived relationship has become boring and dull. So Is It Chemistry Or Is It Love? For a relationship to survive it requires love chemistry – a mix of both. When there is a high degree of chemistry between two people without love, then their heart-pounding sex will quickly fade and boredom will replace the infatuation. Chemistry and love are both key features of a deep relationship. Take away one and the other is just not enough to sustain a relationship year after year.


Relationships should be easy, shouldn’t they?

Do you ever feel like you are putting too much effort into making your relationship work? It is at times very exhausting when you try to be perfect, act the way you think you’re supposed to, being careful about every little thing. Everyone wonders if relationships should be easy. The answer is yes; relationships should be easy! What is the key to an easy and fulfilling relationship? Things to look for in a good relationship include loyalty, faithfulness, respect, good communication, trust and, of course, mutual love. It’s okay to have things you don’t agree on, but when you don’t have anything to hide from your partner, you can talk about anything and overcome issues. Mutual love is absolutely the most important thing in a good relationship. Love makes you care about the other person no matter what. Also, forgiveness is a major factor in relationships. If people are able to forgive and forget the little mistakes easily then they will be happier in their relationships.

Romance vs love – which would you prefer?

There comes a time in our life when we have to ask ourselves what we want out of a relationship; is it romance or, is it love? In a perfect world, we could have both in equal measure, but for a lot of people, the romance levels begin to die down the longer they are together. Romance vs love, so what is the real difference anyway? Romance is defined as the feeling of mystery in love, so it goes that the two are mutually related. However, as we become more familiar with each other, the mystery lessens and that is possibly when the romance disappears. If we don’t want our relationship to come down to the age old argument of romance vs love we need to keep the mystery alive. Surprise your loved one with a special dinner, a night out on the town, or a romantic date in your own house. If you are running low on funds, this can be fixed with a loan from With a small investment, you could plan a romantic getaway and keep the romance alive, in even the longest lasting relationship. It is not a question of romance, or love anymore, in this day and age, we deserve it all!

Symbols of love – Flowers

     Symbols of love - The most popular, red roses.

There are many symbols of love, from a heart to a Celtic sign. We can see them everywhere people profess their love. Social media, phones, and apps provide us with characters, 💕, and emojo’s with a variety of symbols, but the one we all know and appreciate is the symbols of love that are flowers. Flowers have their own language too, called floriography, it had its heyday in the Victorian era.

This was when flower giving became an art and many a lady was pleased or displeased by their beau’s flowering gift. Giving bouquets of flowers to a loved one, be they wife, mother or friend is a message understood globally; whatever the language, a flower can express what you cannot find the words to say. The joy of flowers is not just in the symbolism but in the gift of something beautiful, the sharing of that beauty and the fragrances that accompany them, are all saying something.

Whilst we see the giving of flowers as a gesture or message of love, especially roses, in floriography there are individual meanings attached to varieties and the particular colour chosen.For example, a pale pink rose can mean grace and joy while a dark pink rose means thankfulness. A red rose?

The giving of this signifies love and respect. Be careful, though, the actual way they are presented has meaning too, a flower offered with the right-hand means ‘yes’ whilst a left-hand offering would mean ‘no’.