Love Stories…


A Kindle Fire is a wonderful present for any reader
My nice new Kindle fire

Hi everyone, hope you are all well. I’m not had some sort of flu whatever over the holidays and really washed me out. Mind you when awake all I did was read, and buy books! I got a kindle fire for xmas and some rather nice amazon vouchers (yea!) .

I have spent some time also researching online writing course as I feel it is about time I start that love story. There are numerous sites for new writers but I really need something more constructed that will make me focus. I have found a couple but think I will go with creative writing introduction at UBC.

I have also been downloading some wonderful books, love stories, how to write, how to publish.See I am being very serious. I have also joined the Goodreads Challenge for 2016, I am going for 150 books this year. i am sure I will get there!!

Two of the love stories I have re-read during my stay at home time are:

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger –  A love story confounded by time itself. Plus the ebook version I got had part of the follow up story of their daugher and her two husbands! Think that will have to be my next purchase.

My second book is a classic and I loved it when we read it at school although I was too embarrassed to say that out loud -boys you know don’t read sissy books – well they did not admit to it if they did.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen – this is just an amazing love story between two strong willed people. I love the language, maybe my inclination is to write a historical love story..

Let me know what your favourite love story novel is and why.



The Power of Love

I’d like to start this blog site with some data and science behind the mystical aspects of love. Is it healing? Can it truly change our biology or neurology or physiology? According to science there are many factors.

The three stages of love are lust, attraction, and long term attachment. It’s vital to reach the third stage which is as much about friendship, than it is lovers.  It’s where the long distance vision comes in and you began to accept the good, the bad, and the ugly about your partner.

When initially finding a partner, data says we are looking at genes.  Evolution means one thing, we must procreate to keep our species alive and behind the conscious choices are this fact. Some data points to even the smells being familiar to our own mother and father.

The power of love is not just something in the air, but hormones and chemicals.  So it’s quite logical that once you reach the final stage of attachment you get the flood of oxytocin and vasopressin, two chemicals released during sex. 

The good news is we have found scientific data to support love, cuddling, and intimacy that does’t just feel right but deepens the bond between both people.

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