Relationships without intimacy: Where are they going?

Relationships without intimacy: what are the reasons, problems, and solutions. Intimacy with the right person is something we all crave and want. Have you ever noticed how relationships can start with a spark, and quickly slow down and become boring? It is normal for relationships to slow down and the reasons are biological and psychological. Individual reasons vary, but the source of the problems is often the same. Some of the issues that often affect relationships as a whole and particularly intimacy, are financial struggles which experts say is the number one reason for relationships to fail. If you can’t pay your bills on time or have problems affording going out, doing fun things or even buying necessities, you are going to be more stressed and are probably going to lack the desire for intimacy. Arguing, bickering, and spending too much time without your partner is also an intimacy killer. Take time alone, go on a trip for a week or a weekend. Intimacy is the glue in your relationship. Relationships without intimacy are no romantic relationships at all. Make an effort to do something nice for your partner, surprise them with a nice gift or take them to a movie. Communicate openly, don’t interrupt and be willing to make some sacrifices. This way your relationship will slowly but surely restore itself and intimacy will again be a beautiful part of your life.


Long Distance Struggles – How to Overcome

I think all of us have gone through long distance relationships that were challenging at best, painful as hell at worst.  I believe there are some universal truths and wisdom that can help anyone struggling to find that connection with a loved one so far away.

  • Communication – Probably the most important part of keeping your relationship alive is open communication. If not, assumptions will get the best of you every time.  Use technology and it’s advances for what it’s there for. You can Skype, Facetime, and text no matter where in the world you are to get as close as you can without the human touch.
  • Honesty – When living apart it’s vital to make sure you are very honest with each other. The need to speculate on what’s happening can be tough to overcome, so there needs to be a deep sense of trust.
  • Expectations-  Making sure each partner has equal expectations on what is needed is one of the most vital ingredients according to research. 
  • The Date To Reconnect – A lot of data shows what whether your relationship is up close and personal, or long can stand the test of time.  One of the most important components of the long distance, is knowing when you will meet next. It allows planning and a certainty that cannot get in the way of the natural physical disconnect.

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And finally, it goes without saying that you need to make any relationship flirty, sexy, and fun!